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Ameowzing Gifts for your Cat this Christmas

December is here and Christmas is just around the corner! When you are busy shopping for your friends and family, don’t furr-get about your little four-legged fluffball at home! This year of all years, your cat deserves a gift. Remember the hard work they put in when you were encroaching on their me-time and their house, working from home? Yea, they remember that hideous outfit you put them in and the constant cuddles and interruptions to their naps! Risk not buying a gift for them at your own peril, because, when you are opening your gifts on Christmas day, they’ll be watching and waiting patiently for theirs. Avoid breaking their furry little hearts and grab these ameowzing gifts below that are bound to be at the top of your kitty’s wish list this Christmas.

Give your cat the freedom of scratching to her heart’s content and relieve all that holiday stress this Christmas! Your cat will thank you and so will your furniture, if it could talk!

You cannot go wrong with a catnip filled kicker toy! Available in 4 colours, the Moody Catnip Toys can be counted upon to keep your feline in high spirits.

Let there be no doubt that Xmas has truly arrived in your house with these festive toys. A treat for kitties both naughty and nice, these toys are filled with catnip and spread Ho Ho Holiday cheer everywhere!

Dress your favourite feline up for Christmas without a bulky costume! A Christmas Bow Tie Collar will do the trick – and spare you scratches and glares.

Ready, set, activate play mode! Upgrade your cat’s wand toy with the Tailspin Cat Teaser Toy designed to cater to your cat’s hunting instinct and your desire to not get scratched. A fun, interactive way to bond with your cat, the Tailspin Cat Teaser Toy gives them not just a toy but also the gift of your full undivided attention during playtime.

Who has the most gifts under the tree? Your kitty of course! Grab the Happy Cat Toy Kit which includes 10 cat toys including the Happy Cat Fish Toy and the Zippy Ladybird Toy! Give your kitty the gift of variety this Christmas!

Give your cat the gift of comfort this Christmas with the Fruit Tart Bed. Sweet dreamin’ for kitty, entertaining for you and brilliant for insta-worthy photos, you can’t go wrong with this scrumptious cat bed!

Shop Christmas gifts for kitty on meow!

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