Kitties just wanna have fun, but they have fun in many ways. They like to chase, paw, pounce, bite, scratch, stalk, swat and hunt! This is why we at the Cat Store decided to put together the ultimate Happy Cat Toy Kit. This pawsome cat toy kit comes packed in a fun drawstring bag for easy storage and has 10 different toys, offering different textures and play-types to suit your cat’s every mood. Each Happy Cat Toy Kit includes- Plush Pineapple Cat Nip Toy- Plush Strawberry Cat Nip Toy- Hemp Rope Carrot Toy- Sisal Mini Rainbow Fish Scratcher- Jumping Jack Toy- Zippy Ladybird Toy-Happy-Cat-Fish Toy- Rainbow Mouse- Sisal Ball Toy- My Mousie Wand Toy

Happy Cat Toy Kit

SKU: 0186
    • 10 cat toys to suit your cat's every mood
    • Each Happy Cat Kit includes: Plush Pineapple Cat Nip Toy, Plush Strawberry Cat Nip Toy, Hemp Rope Carrot Toy, Sisal Mini Rainbow Fish Scratcher, Jumping Jack Toy, Zippy Ladybird Toy, Happy Cat Fish Toy, Rainbow Mouse, Sisal Ball Toy, Wand Toy with mouse toy
    • Easy storage bag

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