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Fun & Unique Christmas Presents for Artsy People, Creatives & Art Lovers

Coming up with awesome gifts for creative people is a daunting task! So we've taken it upon ourselves to help you find the most creative and unique presents for the artist, art lover or super creative friend in your life. From art-inspired puzzles, pop-culture socks and enamel pins, mugs, cool jewellery to diamond painting kits, we've got something to inspire and celebrate all the artsy ones this Christmas.

It's a mug and a muse, the Artistic Cat Mug and the Literary Cat Mug from Unemployed Philosopher's Guild are sure to impress an artist, creative, writer or art lover! These mugs are a perfect accompaniment for late nights staying up to finish your painting, creating or writing your next masterpiece.

Sometimes artists just want to create without all the pressure! So if your artist hasn’t jumped on the diamond painting bandwagon, it’s about time! Gift them peace and stress relief, with a fun Diamond Dotz diamond painting kit. The Diamond Dotz diamond painting kits are the perfect gift for anyone artistically inclined and give you a piece of art you can frame and be proud of every time.

There's nothing like unconventional, bold and expressive jewellery to celebrate the creative person in your life. We've got some great options that won't break the bank, here.

Seriously guy, there are heaps of options here. From classics with a feline twist or some meme pop culture goodness, these jigsaw puzzles will keep them laughing. Check out our HUGE range here.

These bold and colourful socks will inspire and amuse the artsy ones. These socks are so cool that your artsy, creative friends might just hang them on their walls!

Artists and creatives love themselves some novelty and fun. Get them a fun enamel pin to chuckle over, who says art has to be serious?

Our All Cats Scarf and the Silk Pop Art Faces Scarf make for a quirky, whimsical, unique, and wonderful gift for creative souls. After all, there is no accessory that allows you to be more creative than a scarf.

Explore even more dreamy, whimsical, unique and fun gift options for the creative, artist and art lover in your life

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