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Top Presents & Secret Santa Gifts for the Organised Person In Your Life

We all have that friend - the one who's eyes light up at the sight of a neatly made list or one who has that "just right" way of doing things. In fact, maybe this "friend" is you, or maybe you want to give a not so subtle hint to the messy person in your life. Whatever your motivation, we've got you covered with the top Christmas gifts (that are still fun), stocking fillers and secret Santa gifts for the list-loving, neat-freak, Type A person in your life.

Keep it together with the Kitty Cat Paper Clips. Being organised doesn't need to be boring and it certainly doesn't need to be ugly. The Kitty Cat Paper Clips are a beautiful, simple and useful solution to ugly paper clips. These beauties come in a set of four and make for a wonderful stocking filler or secret Santa gift.

Kitty Cat Paper Clips | Buy at

A space for all our little treasures! The Cat's Rule Ceramic Trinket Box is whimsical and beautiful. Perfect for storing your everyday jewellery and trinkets or for stashing ugly little bits and bobs out of view! Available in 2 colours - Pretty Pink and Classic Cream, the Cat's Rule Ceramic Trinket Box makes for a charming, decorative gift for the organised one!

Keep toiletries and make-up organised and in tip-top condition on a daily basis or when jetting off to exotic locations. The Cactus Garden range is stunning and practical. Useful, unique and beautiful, these bags are sure to delight your organised friend and are perfect for Christmas gifting. Available in 3 sizes and styles - Beauty Bag, Toiletry Bag and Make-up Pouch.

You know what your organised friend craves even more than organisation? The chance to display their organisational genius! Give them a lending paw with these two awesome magnet sets - Action Cats Magnet Set and the Fat Cat Magnet Set. Each of these sets have 12 assorted magnets and feature the cutest cats! The Action Cats Fridge Magnet Set and the Fat Cat Magnet Set make for a top Christmas gift, stocking filler or secret Santa gift. If 12 is not enough or too much, we've got ultra cute individual magnets to keep things organised and cute. Make the fridge or any other magnetic surface an organised piece of art with these beauties. Explore our range here.

Wallets make for a great Christmas gift for the organised person. We mean, just look at all those pockets!!! Look! Explore our range of ridiculously cool wallets available in many colourways and styles here.

Is there anything better than being able to make lists on the go? We think not! The Black and White Cat With Houseplant Pocket Notebook from Punch Studio is so pretty with it's

beautiful rose gold foil embellishments and magnetic flap closure, that it'll convert even the most disorganised into list makers! An essential accessory, charming and practical, the Black and White Cat with Houseplant Pocket Notebook makes for a lovely secret Santa gift, Christmas present or stocking filler.

Black & White Cat with Houseplant Pocket Notebook. Buy at

The ultimate game for the organised person in your life. If you stack cats neatly in a stack of 15, you win! You can't go wrong with this fun, addictive game. Perfect stocking filler, secret Santa gift or Christmas gift for those who love their things neat and organised.

The perfect gift for keeping your annoying bits of hair off your face when you are on a mission to organise the space for the millionth time! Perfect stocking fillers or secret Santa gifts. Trust us, your organised friend will thank you for these 'coz you can never have enough hair ties when organising for world domination!

What is the one thing that every organised person prides themselves on? A truly well-stocked for all situations handbag! Add to their handbag arsenal with these awesome secret Santa gifts or stocking filler ideas - Crazy Lady Cat Bandages, Office Cats Mint Tins, Cupcake Cat Mint Tin and Cat Microfibre Cloth!

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