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Cats with the most unique fur patterns

Who rule the world? Cats! Who rule the internet cats? Cats! Who rule the human? Cats!

Admit it, cats rule our lives! This is probably because cats make everything cuter and funnier and who doesn’t want that? While dogs vary drastically in shapes and sizes between breeds, cats are pretty much, well, cats. But sometimes, genes responsible for a cat’s fur pattern and colour generate mutations that are unexpectedly beautiful and unique or just downright funny!

Here are photos of 16 cats with the most unique fur markings we’ve ever seen. With markings like these – these kitties are all set for inter-galactic stardom!

When this kitty curls up, he turns into a cinnamon roll!

Meet Sam. Sam has eyebrows. Sam also always looks worried. Don't worry Sam, come out from behind the couch, your eyebrow game is on point!

Hamilton the Hipster has a purrfect twirled mustache marking which gives him an uncanny resemblance to Salvador Dali.

BatCat will look into your complaints of crime after his nap!

Photo: weknowmemes

This kitty comes from a galaxy far, far away … Rebels watch out for incoming TIE Fighters.

This cat comes with a petting manual - He hearts chin rubs!

Photo: Imgur

Meet Adolf Kitler - He considers himself a superior breed of cats.

Does this kitty have four eyes or fur eyes?

Exclamation Butt Cat will like to emphasise that it is not cool to photograph her butt human!

Meet Scrappy, the cat with marble fur. Born as a run-of-the-mill black kitten in 1997, Scrappy's fur began to turn white around age seven. Scrappy's humans weren't sure why this was until recently, at the age of 19, Scrappy was confirmed to have Vitiligo. This cat sure does know how to age gracefully!

If it looks like a cat and acts like a cat, it probably is a CAT! This little guy has cleared up any confusion you might have about what this ball of fluff cuteness is!

This kitten wears her heart on her fluff.


Meet Venus, the two-face cat. She's a bit of a mystery.

This kitty looks like she is wearing a kitty ears headband.

Bored Panda

You've heard of "Inception" featuring Leonardo Di Caprio. Now get ready for the all cat version - Catception, starring ... well, a cat within a cat!

Bored Panda

And finally, check out Thor the gorgeous Bengal Cat. He's got stripes and spots that are common for his breed, but his unique colouring makes him look more like a Bengal Tiger than a Bengal cat!

Does your cat have a unique fur pattern? Send us your photos and we'd love to add them to our list.

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