Keep Mr Fluff entertained, alert, healthy, and manage his treats with this nifty food dispensing toy. This innovative toy keeps your cat’s body and mind actively engaged by reinforcing natural instincts to earn food by using their noses, paws and ears. The Work Fur it Treats Wobbler can be filled with your cat’s favourite dry treats for tons of playtime fun or it can be used as a mealtime feeder to slow eating habits. The Work Fur It Treats Wobbler is made from high-quality plastic and is study enough for everyday use. Just fill the tumbler up, shake it and let the games, we mean work, begin!

Work Fur It Treats Wobbler

SKU: 0021
    • 6 x 8.5 cm
    • Non-Toxic Plastic
    • Can be used as a treat dispenser toy or as a mealtime feeder
    • Engages cats and keeps them healthy, entertained and alert

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