It’s a treat toy, it’s a laser toy, it’s our Super Sally Spinning Cat Toy! This meowvelous cat toy offers a myriad of playtime options for your cat – swat Sally off her pedestal, hunt the pesky laser beam that appears on the floor at random intervals, or focus on getting even more treats to spill out from the base.  Whether your cat chooses one of these options or invents a completely new game, the Super Sally Spinning Cat Toy is sure to keep kitty entertained, alert and healthy. Made from high quality BPA free plastic, this nifty toy takes two AA battery, has a laser on/off option and can be easily filled with treats. Sturdy enough for everyday use, the Super Sally Spinning Cat Toy is the purr-fect source of enrichment, exercise and stimulation for a bored house cat.

Super Sally Spinning Cat Toy

SKU: 0084
    • Made from high quality plastic
    • Weighted base creates a unique wobble
    • Treat dispenser function
    • Built-in laser – can be turned on/off
    • Takes 2 AA batteries – batteries not included