Although we love our cats, we all agree that they can be a tad bit annoying at times. They run on different schedules than us and this becomes painfully obvious, when at the end of long day, you finally get into bed and there’s kitty, sitting on your chest and pawing at your face! This is where the Scratch-ems Sisal Cat Toy comes in handy, wrapped in sisal and with a ringing ball inside, this toy is sure to keep the cheeky lil buggers busy so you can get some zzz…. The Scratch-ems Sisal Cat Toy is not just an absolute lifesaver, it is also a great addition to your cats everyday scratching posts. Remember, you can never have too many scratching options for kitty.

Scratch-ems Sisal Cat Toy

SKU: 0138
    • Dimensions
    • Wrapped in Sisal

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