S for supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! This unique tunnel is sure to put a skip in your kitty’s step. Featuring a unique ‘S’ shaped design, watch as this tunnel becomes a top-secret hideaway, nap retreat and racetrack for your kitty. Made from quality nylon, this S-shaped Cat tunnel is longer and roomier than ordinary cat tunnels, ensuring more space for movement and breathability for sleeping. This super tunnel has two strategically placed peeping windows so your kitty can survey her domain from the comfort of her tunnel. Also, unlike cumbersome cat toys and furniture, the S-shaped Cat Tunnel has a sturdy spring structure that pops out and collapses easily making this tunnel a breeze to set-up and easy to store once playtime is over. Whether your cat uses the cat tunnel as a racetrack or as a sleep retreat, the S-shaped Cat Tunnel promises a unique and enriching experience for your cat to enjoy.

S-shaped Cat Tunnel

SKU: 0136
    • Material: Nylon
    • 120 cm long; 25cm diameter
    • Collapsible and portable
    • Two peeping windows
    • Durable and easy to clean
    • Ideal for cats of all ages