Are you stressed? Do you wish you had your stress relieving kitty with you everywhere you went? Well, then you need our Mr Jellybelly Cat Squishy in your life. Featuring a contented, napping Mr Jellybelly, the Mr Jellybelly Cat Squishy is soft, adorable and super squishy. We guarantee you’ll have so much fun squishing, pinching, tickling and squeezing Mr Jellybelly’s tummy that your stress won’t know what to do. Unlike Mr Jellybelly’s real-life counterpart – McScratchy-Biteypants, you can pat, squeeze and tickle the Mr Jellybelly Cat Squishy all you want. While Mr Jellybelly is very accommodating, remember to be gentle, as like all cats, he can be sensitive to too much squishing.

Mr Jellybelly Cat Squishy is small, making him the purr-fect portable crusader against stress. Take Mr Jellybelly to work and add whimsy and playfulness to your desk. We can’t guarantee that he won’t distract you, but we can guarantee that he will put a smile on your face. Get squeezin’ and stress relievin’ with the Mr Jellybelly Cat Squishy.

Mr Jellybelly Cat Squishy - Oreo

SKU: 0064
    • 5 cm long