Banish boredom and keep kitty entertained with our Mousey Mousie Cat Toy. This multi-textured toy caters to all your kitty’s needs from biting to scratching. Purrfect for chasing and a pleasure to bite, this super fun toy is great for human-feline interaction. For times when you need a self-playing cat, simply hang the toy on your kitty’s cat tree, scratching post or a doorknob and watch kitty swipe, swat, lick, bite, head butt and scratch away. Made to be destroyed, the Mousey Mousie Cat Toy is guaranteed to be a  great addition to your cat’s playtime 

Mousey Mousie Cat Toy

SKU: 0206
    • Measures approximately 4 cm (w) x 15 cm (h)  

    • Good for scratching/biting 

    • Ideal for cats of all ages 

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