Geek? Nerd? A hipster? Why be one when you can be all three. Presenting the Hipster Nerd Cat Socks - a bit of hipster, a bit of nerd and a whole lot of quirky, compliment worthy sock. Made from a cotton blend, these brown socks with contrasting accents on the toe, heel and cuff, feature our dashing hipster nerd geek cat Nico. A cat of refined tastes, he only eats the finest salmon pate. When he’s not reciting his poetry piece at open mic night, he can be found sipping cappuccino with a likeness of his own face carefully recreated in light foam. This kitty is so cool, he’s too cool. Be like Nico, don’t define, grab a pair of the Hipster Nerd Cat Socks and just chill. 

Men's Hipster Nerd Cat Socks

SKU: 0255
    • Cotton blend – 85% cotton
    • Crew length
    • Size: 6 - 12