Many folks are likely to get nervous if a kitty like the one on our Good Luck Cat Enamel Pin crosses their path but, we just get extremely doting and find ourselves wishing that we were catnip! Made from hard enamel, this gorgeous pin measures approximately 3 x 2.5 cm, making it the purrfect size for a backpack, purse, jacket or lapel pin. So, if you feel about black cats and good luck like we do, you can’t go wrong with the Good Luck Cat Enamel Pin. After all, who wouldn’t feel lucky with this cute kitty by their side? 

Good Luck Cat Enamel Pin

SKU: 0234
    • Made from enamel 

    • Metal Butterfly clasp 

    • Measures approximately 3 cm (w) x 2.5 cm (h)