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Flying Floofs — 15 of the best photos of cats caught in mid-air!

He fly, he defy gravity! Presenting the amazing flying floofs. Captured at just the right meowment, these photos capture the grace, elegance and goofiness of the internet’s favourite subject.

Now how do I turn the 'anti-gravity' off?

It's raining kittens, hallelujah, it's raining kittens, amen!

Why have we never heard of this all kitty remake of Up?!

"Don't cry over spilt milk hooman, I will lap it up. I is good that way!"

Is that you, Meowhammad Ali?

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's ... SUPERCAT!

Goodness, gracious, great balls of fluff!

"Let it gooo! Let it gooooooooooo! Whoaaa, I really don't want my paws to touch the snoooow!"

"The Leap of Faith"

This guy looks like he is taking a selfie with an invisible phone!

"Tara! Home. I'll go home. And I'll think of some way to get him back. After all, tomorrow is another day. "- Cat O'Hara

"I defy gravity, I can haz the treats?"

Ready or not, here comes the fluffy torpedo!

"Beam me up, Scotty!"

And last but not the least our very own mascot KitKat McFluffkins showing y'all how it's done!

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