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Father's Day Gifts For The Cat Dad In Your Life

This Father's Day, we've got all the cat dad covered! We feel cat dads out there often don't get enough love. After all, it isn't just the ladies that are crazy about cats! So, if you are looking for the purrfect gift to celebrate the cat daddy in your life, check out our handpicked Father's Day Collection.

1. For the rock star cat dad, The Freddie Mercury Cat Enamel Pin! Or if he'd rather channel David Bowie, check out the David Meowie Cat Enamel Pin!

2. For the super hero cat dad, the Catman Tee!

3. Some dads love cats, some dads love the stars. Purrfect for star gazing cat dads, the Constellation Kitty Enamel Pin is the best of both worlds!

4. For the working cat dad who appreciates a big mug, the High Performer Mug!

5. For the trendsetting, fun sock Friday loving, cat dad, Men's Cheetah Socks.

6. For Daddy, Daddy Cool, the Groovy Cat Enamel Pin

7. For the cat dad who loves to curl up with his furbaby and a good book, the Cheshire Cat Keychain!

8. For the organised cat dad so he can put up all those to-do lists on the refrigerator where you can't miss 'em, the Fat Cat Fridge Magnet.

9. For the thirsty cat dad, the Picatso Cat Bottle Opener.

10. For the difficult to choose for, absolutely purrfect cat dad, get him not just a cat pin but a badge of honour, the Cat Dad Enamel Pin!

And don't fur-get about the special someone in your cat dad's life that gives him the op-purr-tunity to be a cat dad! Treat the furbaby to the Happy Cat Toy Kit which contains 10 cat toys to suit your feline's every mood!

Love You Dad!

So, if you are looking for the purrfect gift for the crazy cat daddy in your life, take a look through our special Father Day Sale!

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