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Christmas Gift Ideas for Book Lovers (that aren't books!)

Book-loving friends always seem like such easy people to buy gifts for until you are standing in a bookshop looking at shelves and shelves of books. What do they really like to read? Which obscure author are they currently obsessed with? Which popular author do they secretly despise? Even if you manage to correctly guess at all of this and find the perfect book for them, they could have already read it or worse yet, five other people could have bought them the same book for Christmas! Fear not, we've pulled together the best Christmas present, stocking filler and secret Santa gift ideas that are unique and will delight the reader in your life!

Kitties, quotes from nine prominent men and women of letters and even a cute paw-print inside the mug! You can't go wrong with the Literary Cat Mug this holiday season. After all, what goes better with a good book if not a good cuppa!

When it comes to literary gifts, you can't go wrong with anything Alice In Wonderland! The Cheshire Cat Earrings and the Cheshire Cat 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle are quirky, playful, whimsical and appeal to book lovers of all ages.

Reading Glasses Holder

Give book lovers a safe place to keep their reading glasses after a long reading session or a cookie to fuel their travels to far-off literary landscapes. The Floral Cat Glasses Tray and the Pohutukawa Cat Glasses Tray makes for a thoughtful and beautiful book-adjacent gift for the reader in your life.

For the "real" booklover who'd never fold pages in a book or use a candy wrapper or a tissue (ew! the horror!) to mark their page. Bookjigs Bookmarks slide onto the over of any book and stay with you till the end. With three gorgeous designs - Luxury Cat Bookjig Bookmark, Amour Parisian Love Cats Bookjig Bookmark and Pedigree Cat Bookjig Bookmark to choose from, the Bookjigs Bookmarks make for an especially wonderful and unique stocking filler or Secret Santa gift. Your reader friend will thank you for these beauties!

From illustrations of bookshops, reproductions of New Yorker covers, clever puns, memorable quotes to shelves filled with novels, these jigsaw puzzles look like they've come straight from a book lovers' dreams! Check out our huge range of jigsaw puzzles here.

Book nerds can't resist a good book pin to pin to their backpack, tote or book bag, which makes the adorable Bookish Cat Enamel Pin the perfect stocking filler or Secret Santa gift. Plus, it has clever book title puns! It's a winner.

Make sure your bibliophile friend stays cozy and looking fly when curled up with their favourite book in a pair of cool socks. Check our HUGE collection of ridiculously cool socks here.

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